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Our Text Mining Lab gives insurers instant access to our proprietary artificial intelligence tools and techniques.

UnderwriteMe is continuing with its mission to ensure everyone who wants Life Insurance can access it.

Our Text Mining Lab is helping Insurers uncover new opportunities to do just that using our proprietary Natural Language Processing skills developed specifically for the Life Insurance market. Text Mining is an exciting development that will further automate and enhance the medical underwriting process. Watch our video below to discover more.

How can Insurers explore the benefits of Text Mining today?

The Text Mining Lab brings the complex skills of Text Mining direct to Underwriters through a secure Lab Portal and easy access to the structured data outputs.

What problems can the UnderwriteMe Text Mining Lab help solve for the Life Insurance Industry?

Automate Medical Evidence Assessments

Our Text Mining Lab can help read unstructured medical records, turn them in to structured evidence and help speed up the processing of cases which require more information

Improve The Data Insights In To Your Underwriting Philosophy

Our Text mining Lab turns data into readable content and therefore gives partners the knowledge to improve processes or philosophy around Life Insurance

Widen The Accessibility To Life Insurance And Help Grow The Market

By speeding up the processing of more complex life insurance applications, our Text Mining Lab will truly help in opening up access to life insurance for customers who may otherwise not be able to insure themselves quickly and with confidence.

Why is UnderwriteMe the right Partner for transforming health data?

Domain Expertise

As providers of award winning underwriting technology, our experience is complemented with in-house Text Mining experts and a long-term relationship with NACTEM (The National Centre for Text Mining).

Solving the Right Problem

We understand the current process and how best to support the confident transition to automation. We have an exciting roadmap towards full automation ahead of us.

A Cognitive Solution

Our intelligent system applies contextual awareness, learned from the experience of Underwriters, combined with the latest research in text mining techniques.

An Alignment of Roadmaps

We are continually listening to our customers and are evolving our Product roadmap to remove barriers, help our customers innovate and bring about positive change in the underwriting experience.

Value in mind

Automating the medical underwriting process is only one part of the picture. Partners will experience seamless integration and end-to-end data analytics from an integrated UnderwriteMe Product Suite.

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